Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marriage Bond of James Lime Melanthy & Polly Beall

From the Washington County, Kentucky Office of the County Clerk to Bernice Swain, dated September 25, 1979:

"Enclosed please find copy of James Lime Melanthy & Polly Beall's Marriage Bond dated 23 August 1825. . . This was the only marriage record for James Lime Melanthy. I checked under both names, Lime and Melanthy. "
Also from the County Clerk dated 24 Aug 1979: "After learning Polly's maiden name I went back to the Index for marriages, female, and I found it listed in 1825. After some digging around I located the original marriage bond. She married James Lime Melanthy (Melanthy). He could not sign his name, made an x, Bond dated Aug. 23, 1825. Our ministers' returns are not organized or indexed or I might find who married them - get a clue to the denomination. Wm. Booker was Bondsman and he was an official around the courhouse. No other information, no consent, so she was over 21 yrs of age. Now you see why I did not find the name LIME in index! He must have dropped the Melanthy name very soon for later in August, 1825 he filed the suit as LIME, I cannot explain the date of June 7, 1825 - before their marriage, filed as James and Wife Polly Lime."

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